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What does overselling allowed mean?

You've perhaps noticed that our DirectAdmin Reseller plans allows overselling, but what does that mean?

Every reseller account is given a specific quota they can use. This quota includes disk space, CPU usage, RAM usage and IO usage. Overselling means that even though the reseller has for example 100 GB of storage available, the reseller can create unlimited sub-accounts where each has 100 GB of storage available. Thus, the reseller is overselling the resources he has available. However, the sum of the usage of all sub-accounts counts towards to resellers total limit. Once the total usage of the resellers resources exceeds his allowed quota, the reseller account will be limited. If you exceed your allowed storage quota you will be prompted to upgrade your account. If the reseller limit of CPU, RAM and IO usage reaches its limit the reseller and the sub-accounts will be throttled to the maximum allowed usage. If these limits are reached, consider upgrading to a higher plan so that sub-accounts does not get throttled.

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